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This is an example of a gift portal.

You can configure portals directly from your dashboard to work just the way you need it. As this is an example, we've disabled security to show you how it works, but you can use password security, allowed email addresses or email domains, manual claim approval or a combination of all three. 

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Unfortunately we can't support this country with this form and any non UK entries will not be saved. Please contact the person who sent you this link and advise them that your address is outside of the UK (excluding Northern Ireland)
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Your contact number may be supplied to the courier to contact you if there's an issue, and your email address supplied to the organiser to identify this as a legitimate registration. We will never store your details longer than they are needed to process your order. We will never share your details with anyone, except for the organiser sending you the gift and our courier partner if it's being delivered to you.

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Your details will only be used for the purpose of dispatching your gift and to identify potentially duplicated claims. All personally identifiable information will be securely erased 30 days after your gift has been delivered, or your donation registered.

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